Bachelor in Buddhist Studies

Byproduct of Buddhist Studies

Champa with a friend Casting a glance backwards, time has elapsed like a launched rocket. Although I came to Nepal half a year ago, I still feel like I just arrived a week ago. I am sure that this feeling indicates how joyful studying at RYI in Nepal is for me. Let me tell you […]

Lumbini Pilgrimage

The Birthplace Of Buddhism

During last our reading week a group of RYI students went to Lumbini (in present-day Nepal), the birthplace of the lord Buddha Shakyamuni (563 BCE to 483 BCE) on pilgrimage by bus. It was 232 km from Kathmandu city, but the road there was very good quality. We left at 7:30 am from Kathmandu city […]

Bachelor in Buddhist Studies Dr. Kashinath Sanskrit Study

Sing, Sing, get the Swing!

It is almost frightening how fast my three years of studying at RYI in the BA program have passed by. Now there are only a few weeks of the final semester left and therefore, Iwould like to take the opportunity to share my experiences of my third study year with you. I made two major decisions regarding […]

Boudhanath Dharma Shedra Studentlife Study Tibetan language

New Path, White Mountains

My new path started at the end of he monsoon season of 2012, when I first entered the class in the monastery, grabbed myself a cushion, and tried to understand how I am supposed to cross my legs, and to make them stay crossed, for the next hour and a half. When the Lopon (a […]