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A Shedra Student

The feeling is indescribable; I have never studied in a Shedra before. The atmosphere is so welcoming at the Shedra , it feels like home. This is my first formal education in Buddhism and I cannot think of a better place than RYI. The whole Shedra experience has been and is very over whelming. Personally, I feel that the classes are […]

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The Five Best Restaurants in Bouddha for Shedra Students

 Are you new to the Shedra? Not having much money to spend? Have to study a lot? Here comes a brief guide and recommendation to some nice places in Bouddha suitable for the average Shedra student, old time favorites and newly rising stars. Double Dorje 5. Double Dorje:             A cozy small restaurant, run by […]

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A glittering drop on the streets of Boudha

Nepal is certainly not a rich country regarding the material properties of the people who live here. Sometimes it is simply heartbreaking to see how many hardships people have to undergo in their daily lives while we students from the West are so fortunate to be able to choose how and where we want to […]

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New Path, White Mountains

My new path started at the end of he monsoon season of 2012, when I first entered the class in the monastery, grabbed myself a cushion, and tried to understand how I am supposed to cross my legs, and to make them stay crossed, for the next hour and a half. When the Lopon (a […]

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                                                               Dilemma: Life, the living mischievous paradox, one way always imposes upon us the tiring and tear bringing shocks of despondency experienced after departure of […]

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At home in Boudhanth

For those readers who have never been here, Boudhanath (or Boudha) is hosting one of the world’s biggest stupa, an amazing monument; blinding white, compact, it contains Buddhist relics and it takes 5 minutes to circumambulate it (“making kora”) —as most local devotees (a mixed crowed of Nepali, Tibetans and even Westerners) use to do […]

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Reading week

At the middle of the semester, it is always good to take a little bit of rest from all the study, which is why we have reading week. But for some reason, this week is not called “relaxing week”. For sure, we all like to relax a little bit, but if they call it “relaxing week”, we may […]

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Unpretentious advice to new students

As a result of my short but fruitful experience in the first year of the BA program, I thought it could be worthwhile to give some unpretentious advice that might be of benefit for any student of the Shedra; even though they are destined especially to the new comer students. If you are one of these fortunate […]

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The Yolmo Valley

The Yolmo Valley After a busy week of mid-term exams, it was great breathing the air of the mountains in Yolmo. Yolmo is about six hours from Kathmandu, and although the bus ride can be very challenging, the views on the way are fantastic! Once you arrive you’ve got to walk up the mountains, but […]

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Fresh Wind of Motivation

With the recently ended fall semester in the back and the new semester in front, I feel a fresh wind of motivation blowing through my entire body and mind. It seems that this opportunity of study, leads me and my fellow students along a journey of unpredictable and spontaneously unfolding landscapes. Outwardly, in my meetings […]