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A Place Where the Dharma Feels Alive

I took this photo when I finished school one day, chancing upon the monks who had just finished their evening Puja. Their yellow robes were rather conspicuousagainst the white walls and marble ground. This reminds me of some words said by previous masters in those commentaries, that one should respect even tiny piecesof red or […]

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Learning a language like Tibetan

Hello, I’m Pemba,  a 3rd year BA student. Having been brought up in a multi-cultured community, I grew up learning and being most familiarized in our national language, ‘Nepali’, which is the common language for all ethnics and communities of Nepal. I had my schooling in English medium school, so I ended up getting used […]

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The Importance of Tibetan Language to Understand Buddhism

The Tibetan version of Buddhist canon whether sutra or shastra, is treated as the most authentic or significant version for the study and practice of Buddhism in modern days. It is undoubtedly as it was given with extraordinary care, consideration and every possible skillful means during the transmission, translation and interpretation from the original sources. The Tibetan […]

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Best of Studying in Nepal

 Pale sunrise in Boudhanath from my rooftop I came to Nepal for the first time in 2013, when I started my studies at RYI. At that time, I was quite overwhelmed by everything, without any knowledge of Buddhism and university studies as I was. During that first year, it was difficult for me to have fun while studying. […]

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Learning Tibetan Strategies

A classmate recently approached me asking about ways to improve her Tibetan. This is something I reflect on a lot (as I’m sure we all do!) and, although there must already be many such lists, I thought I might share a few less common approaches in light of the variety individual learning-styles.1.) Wechat (Tib: skad ‘phrin )For me, […]

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New Path, White Mountains

My new path started at the end of he monsoon season of 2012, when I first entered the class in the monastery, grabbed myself a cushion, and tried to understand how I am supposed to cross my legs, and to make them stay crossed, for the next hour and a half. When the Lopon (a […]

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Modern Tibetan Music

     In the field of Tibetan Buddhist studies many scholars focus almost exclusively on religion, ignoring aspects of culture beyond what directly bears relevance to the history and development of Buddhism. It is true that, if it were not for Buddhism, most of us would not be nearly as concerned about Tibetan issues. I […]

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The Joy and Challenges of Learning Tibetan Language

As I look back at the year that I have spent here at Rangjung Yeshe Institute, perhaps the most enjoyable, yet challenging, aspect of my studies has been learning the Tibetan language. For years I have felt a strong desire to be able to speak, read, and write in the Tibetan language, and from the […]

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Guaranteed Anti-Aging

Do you have memory problems? Join the Shedra Do you have concentration problems? Join the Shedra Guaranteed anti-aging and anti-Alzheimer program! Study Tibetan, and when you come home, your work will feel like a holiday playground. You will appreciate it so much and also think that you get paid without doing any effort! Study Tibetan […]

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Melanie Slomka, a Translator Training Program Graduate

A Few months have passed since Melanie Slomka, from Paris, completed the Translator Training Program at Rangjung Yeshe Institute.  When classes finished in May, she went straight back to Paris to meet her root guru, Sogyal Rinpoche and to spend some time with family and friends before going back to north India to start teaching […]