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Last Semester at RYI

This is my last semester at RYI!!! Amazing, we are already at the second half of the spring semester. When I started my BA years ago, I thought this time would never come and four years felt like a lifetime. However, now I feel like it was only yesterday I arrived in Kathmandu, and I […]

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Budhanilkantha Temple

Budhanilkantha Temple lies on the northern side of Kathmandu valley, just below the Shivapuri hill. The temple is associated with the Hindu god, Bishnu. A Bishnu statue of about 3m height in a sleeping position is the main attraction for people. The statue is wholly made out of stone and depicts the god, Bishnu with […]

Namo Buddha Sanskrit Summer Program

Learning More Than Just Sanskrit

My classmates and teachers during the summer I had the wish to learn Sanskrit since quite a long time. With the help of a generous sponsor and much needed motivation, I was finally able to join Beginning Sanskrit Course during Summer 2016 at RYI.Fortunately, on the first day of orientation, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche-la invited all the students for […]

Bachelor in Buddhist Studies Dr. Kashinath Sanskrit Study

Sing, Sing, get the Swing!

It is almost frightening how fast my three years of studying at RYI in the BA program have passed by. Now there are only a few weeks of the final semester left and therefore, Iwould like to take the opportunity to share my experiences of my third study year with you. I made two major decisions regarding […]