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Champa with a friend

Casting a glance backwards, time has elapsed like a launched rocket. Although I came to Nepal half a year ago, I still feel like I just arrived a week ago. I am sure that this feeling indicates how joyful studying at RYI in Nepal is for me. Let me tell you how joyful it is by stating two reasons.

First, as human beings we all have a strong desire for happiness and we are trying our utmost to approach it from all different angles. Yet very few can have even a single happy day without any worries or fears. This tells us that our approaches are incorrect. Well then, the right approach is to engage oneself in studies or practices which lead to the realization of the true nature of phenomena. For this realization the Buddhist studies are considered a universally good approach. As a Buddhist follower, after engaging in actual studies of Buddhism for a few months at RYI, I found that Buddhist teachings are really appealing in terms of being content and peaceful, which are the bases of happiness. Moreover, the Buddhist perspective of the uncertainty or inevitability of death as well as nonexistent and impermanent nature are now holding me strong to the spot of living in the present, which is again the right place to acquire happiness. Furthermore, RYI is in fact a great center where different types of learning are combined and where we can approach both in traditional and modern way to our goals.

Second, English is one of the most dominant languages as a means for living life in the human world. The ones who are struggling to learn English are us ‘Asians.’ This is because, in Asia, local languages are far different from the family of English languages so it is quite a big challenging for Asians to learn English well compared to westerners. Places like Nepal, Tibet, and so forth still do not have good access to English which acts like gate to the other half of world. However, schools like RYI are providing a very good opportunity for these studies. With warm Buddhist hearts and rational approaches to happiness, RYI has rounded up many western students and teachers with good English education which serves as the best environment for us to progress in that subject. Eighty percent of our schoolmates are westerners and we can practice our English at anytime. At the same time, all the western students are very happy to help us with problems with English. Hence, RYI is definitely a great place where we all should spend time.

To sum it up, since we have a strong inclination for living a peaceful and successful life, we should engage in the studies of Buddhism, English, and so forth. Due to the presence of RYI in Nepal, we all should feel fortunate and prepare ourselves to get enrolled rather missing this precious opportunity and being regretful.   

~Champa from Tibet

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