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Why Am I here?

 Once, in the middle of a conversation, someone asked me: “Why are you here at RYI?” For a few seconds, many things came to my mind, but my answer was pretty straightforward: “I am here because I want to study the Dharma”.  Later on, I thought that this was an interesting question; a question I […]

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A Shedra Student

The feeling is indescribable; I have never studied in a Shedra before. The atmosphere is so welcoming at the Shedra , it feels like home. This is my first formal education in Buddhism and I cannot think of a better place than RYI. The whole Shedra experience has been and is very over whelming. Personally, I feel that the classes are […]

Bachelor in Buddhist Studies Gampopa The Jewel Ornament of Liberation

Back to Shedra

I have first come to Baudhanath in the autumn of 2001, met Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and stayed for the annual seminar. On its last day I went up to Rinpoche and asked if I should stay on for the winter programme, and he told it’s a wonderful idea.  This was my first introduction to Tibetan […]

Bachelor in Buddhist Studies

Byproduct of Buddhist Studies

Champa with a friend Casting a glance backwards, time has elapsed like a launched rocket. Although I came to Nepal half a year ago, I still feel like I just arrived a week ago. I am sure that this feeling indicates how joyful studying at RYI in Nepal is for me. Let me tell you […]

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Sing, Sing, get the Swing!

It is almost frightening how fast my three years of studying at RYI in the BA program have passed by. Now there are only a few weeks of the final semester left and therefore, Iwould like to take the opportunity to share my experiences of my third study year with you. I made two major decisions regarding […]

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See you in the Fall term!

Friends celebrating completion of semester In one of my classes, I heard of a mental and emotional ability, which a Bodhisattva needs to develop on the path of preparation in the Mahayana. This path is one out of five paths that describe the training of a Bodhisattva. And this ability that one develops on the […]

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Realization Arise Interdependently

Last Fall in September 2011, I joined Rangjung Yeshe Institute for BA degree. In Spring, I went up to Pullahari Rigpe Dorje Institute to continue my third year. So, I could not study at RYI last Spring from January to March 2012. But this year from June to August 2012, I attended the summer course […]

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Inner sciences of eastern spirituality

Lopon Tokpa Tulku and Translator during Philosophy class at RYI Once upon a time I was listening to an extraordinary human being, an embodiment of wisdom, the master Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche who gave a lecture to Khenpos, Lopons and venerable monks of his monastic university Dzongsar Shedra, in India. Rinpoche started his talk by sharing […]

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Ease of Scholarship at RYI

Speaking from my personal perspective, the academic routine of a third-year student of ‘Buddhist Studies with Himalayan Language’ here in Kathmandu is greatly influenced by the papers that have to be written for the various courses that one is taking. As every subject is related to a classical Buddhist text, the research that has to […]