Asura Cave chang holiday Nagi Gompa Namo Buddha semester break Winter

The Beginning of the Spring Semester

Now we are at the beginning of the “spring semester” in RYI (Rangjung Yeshe Institute), however in this time is very, very cold in Nepal!!!Everyone are using all the warm clothes that is possible to protect from the freeze weather, thus we have a huge variety of colorful and creative styles around. Even the nuns and monks […]

holiday Studentlife Yolmo Valley

The Yolmo Valley

The Yolmo Valley After a busy week of mid-term exams, it was great breathing the air of the mountains in Yolmo. Yolmo is about six hours from Kathmandu, and although the bus ride can be very challenging, the views on the way are fantastic! Once you arrive you’ve got to walk up the mountains, but […]

holiday Losar Tibetan New Year

Celebrating Losar with a Tibetan family

The highlight of the Tibetan calendar and also of living in Bouddha is the New Year, Losar, taking place in February. (lo = year, sar = new) Already weeks before the actual date all kind of preparations are going on: People clean up their houses and specially the house-shrines, prepare huge amounts of special biscuits […]