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A Shedra Student

The feeling is indescribable; 
I have never studied in a Shedra before. The atmosphere is so welcoming at the Shedra , it feels like home. 

This is my first formal education in Buddhism and I cannot think of a better place than RYI. The whole Shedra experience has been and is very over whelming. 

Personally, I feel that the classes are not just targeted to readings and writing but on how one must practice the path too. And that totally makes sense. And I remember, Chokyi Nyima Rimpoche mentions that we should be both a practitioner and a scholar. 

The way of the Bodhisattva text is very profound  and I feel everyone must learn this text. The lessons in class help those who practice. As we learn more and more, I am more aware about my intentions and actions. Not that I was not aware of them before, but now I am more aware on the importance of the aspirations, dedications , etc. 

What makes learning more enriching is –being able to clear ones doubts. Not everyone who studies Buddhism is a Buddhist, so the question and answer sessions helps clear our very simple questions, that probably has been bothering the mind. It is said that traditionally, one does not question the teacher. But we are encouraged to think, analyze and to ask, if we don’t agree. And this, for me, makes our sessions so stimulating.

For those who have never studied in a Shedra, the thought of it might make it so hard and not so appealing. I am glad to say that if anyone thinks of it that way, they are wrong. The experience is so fascinating and gives you the opportunity to reflect on so many things.  I am so glad that in all the classes I take – we have our own moment of laughter.

There are students from 30 different nationalities studying in the Shedra, talking to different students and sharing stories. 

Basically, I am trying to say: I am not wasting my time.!

This is only an introduction to my experience in the last 3 months. I have not even gotten into point about the amazing retreats and the amazing opportunities.

~Jigme from Bhutan

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