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Budhanilkantha Temple

Budhanilkantha Temple lies on the northern side of Kathmandu valley, just below the Shivapuri hill. The temple is associated with the Hindu god, Bishnu. A Bishnu statue of about 3m height in a sleeping position is the main attraction for people. The statue is wholly made out of stone and depicts the god, Bishnu with […]

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A Place Where the Dharma Feels Alive

I took this photo when I finished school one day, chancing upon the monks who had just finished their evening Puja. Their yellow robes were rather conspicuousagainst the white walls and marble ground. This reminds me of some words said by previous masters in those commentaries, that one should respect even tiny piecesof red or […]

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Halfway Through the Translator Training Program (TTP)

Halfway Through the Translator Training Program (TTP) This is my most happy and joyful year at RYI. Three years since starting with the Bachelor Program (BA) I adventured myself into the Translator Training Program (TTP) – a one-year course that trains students to orally interpret from Tibetan into English. The TTP includes: Ø  One course […]

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My First Year at RYI

It’s been just slightly over a year since I first came to Nepal, and the question which comes to mind is the one which I was asked most when I was back in Singapore last December: ‘What have you learnt?’ I’m not sure what my friends were expecting – some kind of Buddhist halo around […]

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The Nepal Experience

Living in Boudha, the Tibetan neighborhood of Kathmandu, and studying at RYI, a very international community, one can sometimes become a little disconnected from the greater context of this unique country of Nepal. Kathmandu is a big city that attracts people from everywhere who want and need to make a fortune, people live in big […]

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The sacred valley of Helambu: an adventurous pilgrimage in the reading week of 2017 fall semester.

(Photo credit: Tree:  Emily Polar)              In the middle of each semester at RYI there is a week long break called “reading week.´´ Although some do use this time to focus on studying and reading, which is wonderful,  it is also known amongst certain students as the retreat or trekking week.             Not knowing whether […]