Nature Poem Trekking

The Annapurna circuit ( ཨ་ན་ཕུར་ན་སྐོར་ར།)

ཧི་མ་ལ་ཡའི་རི་རྩེ་ལ། གངས་རི་ལྷུན་པོ་བརྗིད་ཉམས་ཆེ། རི་འཁྱམ་ཨ་ཁུའི་སེམས་ཁོངས་ལ། ཞི་བདེའི་རེ་འདུན་མེ་ལྕེ་འབར། On the top of Himalayan mountains, The snow mountains are spontaneously majestic. In the mind of Mountain-Wondering-Uncle, The flame of aspiration for peace is ablaze.  མ་ནང་རི་ཡི་ལུང་ཤོང་ལ། དབྱར་དཔལ་ལྷ་ཡིས་བཟོས་དང་མཚུངས། རི་འཁྱམ་ཨ་ཁུའི་སེམས་ཁོངས་ལ། ཕ་ཡུལ་དྭགས་པོ་ལྷང་ལྷང་དྲན། In the mountainous valley of Manang, The wealth of summer is like divine-made. In the mind of Mountain-Wondering-Uncle, The homeland of Dakpo vividly appears.  ཐོ་རང་གངས་རིའི་ལ་རྩེ་ལ། གྲང་ངར་ཆེ་ལ་རྒྱུ་སྐར་གསལ། རི་འཁྱམ་ཨ་ཁུའི་སེམས་ཁོངས་ལ། གོ་ལ་གཞན་དུ་སླེབ་བམ་སྙམ། On the top of snowy Thorang pass, The weather is cold and stars are luminous. In the mind of […]

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The Nepal Experience

Living in Boudha, the Tibetan neighborhood of Kathmandu, and studying at RYI, a very international community, one can sometimes become a little disconnected from the greater context of this unique country of Nepal. Kathmandu is a big city that attracts people from everywhere who want and need to make a fortune, people live in big […]

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The sacred valley of Helambu: an adventurous pilgrimage in the reading week of 2017 fall semester.

(Photo credit: Tree:  Emily Polar)              In the middle of each semester at RYI there is a week long break called “reading week.´´ Although some do use this time to focus on studying and reading, which is wonderful,  it is also known amongst certain students as the retreat or trekking week.             Not knowing whether […]