Studying Meditation

When practicing Buddhism, we are encouraged to engage with the teachings through study, reflection and meditation. In our academic studies at RYI we study for quizzes and exams and reflect in class-discussions and writing assignments. Meditation, however, is usually not part of the course-syllabi and it is up to us whether and how we take […]

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My First Year at RYI

It’s been just slightly over a year since I first came to Nepal, and the question which comes to mind is the one which I was asked most when I was back in Singapore last December: ‘What have you learnt?’ I’m not sure what my friends were expecting – some kind of Buddhist halo around […]

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Buddha Lotus Painting Contrary to common outsider conceptions of monastic life, the place held by meditative practices (here defined as practices involving states of absorbed concentration) within the everyday practices of the average Tibetan Buddhist monk is quite minimal. Indeed, the majority of monks within the Tibetan tradition we are primarily exposed to at the […]

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The Lonely Mango or ‘How to share a terrace with three dogs, cockroaches, ants and other little critters and experience Boudha with eyes and ear, nose and mind.’ August 2014. Close to Boudha, on a roof, a 5th floor, between monasteries, views, a panoramic view, the Kathmandu valley view. Green hills, grey sky, green-grey, lead-grey, […]

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Dealing with time

Have you ever experienced a feeling “I don’t have enough time?” Last year I got quite stressed, even had to take the Tibetan medicine called “Agar,” because sometimes it was difficult for me to fall asleep. This year I’m using the system developed by Russian scientist Alexander Lubishchev. He used to calculate and write down […]

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Wednesday Evening Tergar Boudha Meditation Group and Discovering the Healing Power of Sharing

On Wednesday evenings we meet up to meditate together for an hour and a half. The Tergar Boudha Meditation group is given on donation basis and open for all. As we put up posters for the group, quite a lot of people passing through Boudha see them and drop in. Some are coming to try […]