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Pandemic Patrol

One of the most interesting elements of studying at RYI is how adaptable this place is as a university. Over the past three years of studying here I’ve witnessed the school continue to grow as a university, offering more services and classes to students, and adapt to different challenges and disasters. This year, I witnessed […]

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Halfway Through the Translator Training Program (TTP)

Halfway Through the Translator Training Program (TTP) This is my most happy and joyful year at RYI. Three years since starting with the Bachelor Program (BA) I adventured myself into the Translator Training Program (TTP) – a one-year course that trains students to orally interpret from Tibetan into English. The TTP includes: Ø  One course […]

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Finding Balance – From Surviving to Living

Finding Balance – From Surviving to Living Maybe some students can relate to my experience that I would like to share. I have been reflecting on the importance of living life, right here and now, to find balance which allows me to do what I do to my best ability.  I love studying at RYI, […]