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Studying In a Western Academy

Studying In a Western Academy                  I did my schooling in Kathmandu. After finishing my grade 10, I joined a diploma course in Civil Engineering which is actually a technical course. It was for three years. One can actually go and get a real job after passing the course. But thinking that I want to […]

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RYI: A Place Understood Only Through Direct Experience

RYI: A Place Understood Only Through Direct Experience There is nothing ordinary about studying at Rangjung Yeshe Institute compared to a typical university anywhere in the world. Even here in Nepal, it’s difficult to explain to other Nepalis that I go to a school connected to a monastery, but am not a monk, and many […]

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Lucky Me

“School life is a golden life,” I often used to cherish this quote and feel it is so true until I joined the RYI.The beautiful environment here, students came from almost every corner of the world, Modern students learning from the traditional teacher and exposure to the daily life of Monks in RYI made me rich […]

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Much More Than a Mere Academic Environment

Generally speaking, the academic environment is consider to be a place of competition and incentive for inflated egos. A place where the best ones are persons that, as having a superior status in comparison from others, always keep a distance that shows and reinforce he or she superiority. As result, to the so called lower ones there are […]

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Compassion is the Driving Force of Bodhisattvas

To reiterate what some others have said in their blog posts, Rangjung Yeshe is a special Institution that combines a monastic style approach with “western” academic classes. Through this blog I have read many inspiring testimonials about Rangjung Yeshe and really do think that the Institute deserves the praise it has gotten and more. Yet […]

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The Lonely Mango or ‘How to share a terrace with three dogs, cockroaches, ants and other little critters and experience Boudha with eyes and ear, nose and mind.’ August 2014. Close to Boudha, on a roof, a 5th floor, between monasteries, views, a panoramic view, the Kathmandu valley view. Green hills, grey sky, green-grey, lead-grey, […]