empowerment Rangjung Yeshe Institute studying in Western academic environment

Studying In a Western Academy

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Studying In a Western Academy

                 I did my schooling in Kathmandu. After finishing my grade 10, I joined a diploma course in Civil Engineering which is actually a technical course. It was for three years. One can actually go and get a real job after passing the course. But thinking that I want to continue my study further, I got admitted in Rangjung Yeshe Institute.
                Of course I had a feeling that studying in Rangjung Yeshe would not be same as studying in typical Nepali colleges or schools but not to that extend where I had to give up the way I have been studying. It is so different being here in Rangjung Yeshe.
                For someone who has spent all his time memorizing and copying, Rangjung Yeshe has on the greater part taught me to make my own view. It does not matter much if one comes up with a more correct answer or not, but the way you evaluate analysis and reasoned the point is much more valued. Another difference I see compared to Nepali schools is that the staff and teachers are truly caring. They really encourage us to involve in discussions and interactions. One can always make a request for appointments. The course syllabus is just perfect and on time. However, what I find hard to catch up with is that they expect us to do the readings ourselves before class, unlike Nepali schools where they mostly do not. So it is very much a self-learning process.
                Joining RYI was challenging, especially with my background, nevertheless I find myself empowered and that’s beyond my expectation.
~Dhirendra from Nepal

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