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Method of Studies at RYI

Method of Studies at RYI                 Being a student in RYI, I gain various knowledge and learning experiences. RYI offers various courses, such as languages, Buddhist Studies, and textual Buddhist treatises, from both traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings and modern academic perspective. The combination of two perspectives enables me to acquire both academic knowledge and practical […]

Kathmandu University Rangjung Yeshe Institute scholar-practitioner

Much More Than a Mere Academic Environment

Generally speaking, the academic environment is consider to be a place of competition and incentive for inflated egos. A place where the best ones are persons that, as having a superior status in comparison from others, always keep a distance that shows and reinforce he or she superiority. As result, to the so called lower ones there are […]

Abhidharma Gateway to Knowledge perception scholar-practitioner

Keeping Philosophy Juicy

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche urges us to become scholar-practitioners. At the same time, Rinpoche and other lamas, khenpos, lopöns and the texts themselves often warn us against becoming merely “dry scholars.” The tri-fold approach to studying philosophy that is urged upon as at RYI—listening, contemplating, and meditating—is precisely a method to bring vitality to study, to […]