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Seminar of 2018 in RYI

Every fall, Rangjung Yeshe Institute (RYI) conducts the seminar based on teaching and empowerment from Rinpoches: Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Phakchok Rinpoche and Tsikey chokling Rinpoche. This year (2018, Nov 15-21), all old and new disciples of Rinpoches from everywhere throughout the world were participating the seminar. Seminar this year has been exceptionally uncommon for us […]

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Gratitude as a Source of Joy

Gratitude as a Source of Joy We have a saying in my country: “Being grateful is [a sign of] being well-born”. I always think that there is a lot of wisdom in these traditional sayings. The importance of gratitude is unfathomable, until the point that being or not being grateful draws the line between a […]

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Token of Gratitude

Token of Gratitude I write this article as I spend yet another day enriched with blessings and gratitude. But as Phakchok Rinpoche aptly pointed out during our Annual Fall Seminar retreat: do we know how to receive blessings? I would inquire even further: do we know how to nurture our blessings? Do we know how […]

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Precious Opportunity: A Heartfelt Recommendation to Attend the Annual Fall Seminar

Precious Opportunity: A Heartfelt Recommendation to Attend the Annual Fall Seminar In 2016 after two months travelling in Nepal I had the constant and intense feeling that I really wanted to find an authentic spiritual tradition. Instead of meandering through different paths, I felt it was time to dive deeply into one. While waiting for […]

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Beginning of an uncommon school year

At first glance, this might seem like the beginning of a school year in any common university, albeit in a monastic setting. Agendas are filling up with deadlines, and heads with all the different tasks at hand. Students and teachers alike are busy processing information and organizing thought. In and out of class, time is studiously consumed. But come […]

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Compassion is the Driving Force of Bodhisattvas

To reiterate what some others have said in their blog posts, Rangjung Yeshe is a special Institution that combines a monastic style approach with “western” academic classes. Through this blog I have read many inspiring testimonials about Rangjung Yeshe and really do think that the Institute deserves the praise it has gotten and more. Yet […]

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Ngakso Drupchen at Nagi Gompa

Nagi Gompa is a small nunnery situated above the Kathmandu valley in the Shivapuri National Park. It was home to one of the greatest meditation masters of recent times, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. He lived, practiced and taught in Nagi Gompa for more than 20 years. These days around 100 nuns live in Nagi Gompa, and […]