Books, Books, and More Books

         My roommate looked at me begrudgingly.  “Where are we going to put all of these?” he asked as another new box of Tibetan books or pechas arrived at our doorstep.  This was the last thing on my mind as I tore through the box’s tape to peer at the shiny new covers, breathe in […]

Bodhicaryāvatāra Studentlife Study

Trees Are Trees

A famous Zen master once said,  “while practicing in the path, initially the trees are trees, the mountains are mountains, and the oceans are oceans, but at some point the trees are no more trees, the mountains are no more mountains and the oceans are no more oceans… and finally at the end of the […]

Mindfulness Study


I am very grateful to the Rangjung Yeshe Institute who has given me the opportunity to study the Buddha-Dharma and inspire me to put it into practice in daily life.  My purpose of coming here to Nepal to study was to infuse my mind and life with the Buddha-Dharma as much as possible, to really […]

Boudhanath Study Stupa

Near Jarung Khashor

Tenpel and a young friend near Jarung Khashor. Once back home in Brazil, I heard that in the middle of an immense valley in the Himalayas there was a great white stupa, where the awakened masters of the past and present would come from days and months of walking to pay homage.  It is said […]