Boudhanath Study Stupa

Near Jarung Khashor

Tenpel and a young friend near Jarung Khashor.
Once back home in Brazil, I heard that in the middle of an immense valley in the Himalayas there was a great white stupa, where the awakened masters of the past and present would come from days and months of walking to pay homage.  
It is said that there was an old woman whose power of aspirations and devotion to the Buddha, and with the help of her four sons, accomplished the extraordinary task of creating the illusory symbol of the body, speech and mind of the enlightened ones, meaning the Great Stupa Jarung Khashor, in the valley nowadays called Kathmandu.  As if in an auspicious dream, those including myself who are searching for answers and spiritual comprehension come to this sacred place surrounded by spiritual practitioners and extraordinary realized masters that are able to fulfill our most deep spiritual wishes.  
One of those masters, understanding our motivation and searching but also our difficulties in comprehending the language and complexity of the teachings and the spiritual texts, had an enlightened aspiration and vision – a place where we foreigners could learn the original language of those sacred texts and masters, as well as be trained not just in the art of translating the teachings but also in the understanding and cultivation of such a spiritual path. 

That place is Rangjung Yeshe Institute, the outer display of the profound inner view of Kyabje Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, a Center for Buddhist Studies and Himalayan Languages, just beside the Great Stupa where I have the great fortune to be studying and living these days.

By Tenpel from Brazil
Tenpel with Sadhus in Pashupati.

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