The Online Experience with Rangjung Yeshe Institute

So it seems spring semester 2022 will also be online.  This decision was recently made public, and now would be an opportune time for me to write about how grateful I am to Rangjung Yeshe Institute for the way they handled the coronavirus pandemic.  This transition to online classes started off abruptly for me.  I […]

Guru Rinpoche

Padmasambhava and Tso-Pema Lake

I’m in my final semester of study at RYI and the last (and perhaps most daunting) challenge I have left is to complete my master’s dissertation. It was during research for my thesis that I, one silent night, came across this lovely story involving Padmasambhava before he left for Tibet to introduce Vajrayana to the […]

experience in Nepal

Coming back to Argentina and studying remotely

By the end of last semester, I decided it was time for me to spend some time back in Argentina. I love Nepal and I was very happy there, but with the holiday season coming up, I wanted to be with mi family for a little bit. Also, it made sense to do it while […]

Tibetan language Translator Training Program

Is it possible to do the Translator Training Program with only 1 year of prior Tibetan studies?

Can one really do RYI’s intensive Translator Training Program (TTP) with only one year of prior Tibetan language learning? In short, yes. But is it advisable? Probably not.  This kitty reminds me of my own face in the TTP translation class. In this very precious class, a lopon gave lectures on a wide range of […]


My Two Borrowed Pennies

During the Fall semester of 2021, for the Khenpo class on Candrakīrti’s Madhyamakāvatāra, we were tasked with making a group presentation on a topic of our choice. So, I asked Dominic whether he would be interested in exploring the topic that I have long wanted to explore – how to apply Madhyamaka in day-to-day life.   If I now try to recall the reason behind why this topic […]