My Two Borrowed Pennies

During the Fall semester of 2021, for the Khenpo class on Candrakīrti’s Madhyamakāvatāra, we were tasked with making a group presentation on a topic of our choice. So, I asked Dominic whether he would be interested in exploring the topic that I have long wanted to explore – how to apply Madhyamaka in day-to-day life.   If I now try to recall the reason behind why this topic […]

Chandrakirti Khenpo Madhyamika Monastic Shedra Tsadra Foundation

Studying with the monks

In 2008 I arrived in Boudhanath to take a break from my job and to study a little bit of Buddhist philosophy. Now, I am still here and am privileged to study – kindly supported by the Tsadra foundation – in the monks’ shedra.  At the moment we are studying Chandrakirti’s  Madhyamakavatara bhashya.        From […]

Chandrakirti Lopon Madhyamika Middle Way Tokpa Tulku

Live to Love

Another year is gone. Do I really learn the Dharma? Am I more compassionate, kinder, more open hearted? While in daily classes of one of our texts “Entering the Middle Way” by the great master Chandrakirti, our teacher Lopon Tokpa Tulku, constantly reminded us every beginning of class about our motivation, an aspiration of directing […]

Madhyamika Shedra

Studying Madhyamika

Ani Sangye and Lopon  Chodrup In Spring 2012 we continued studying Introduction to the Middle Way and The Jewel Ornament of Liberation, with our lopons, who are excellent at relating these classic texts to our experience as modern Buddhists.  Chandrakirti says,  “Of Buddhahood’s abundant crop, compassion is the seed/ It is like moisture, bringing increase […]