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Coming back to Argentina and studying remotely

By the end of last semester, I decided it was time for me to spend some time back in Argentina. I love Nepal and I was very happy there, but with the holiday season coming up, I wanted to be with mi family for a little bit. Also, it made sense to do it while […]

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Pandemic Patrol

One of the most interesting elements of studying at RYI is how adaptable this place is as a university. Over the past three years of studying here I’ve witnessed the school continue to grow as a university, offering more services and classes to students, and adapt to different challenges and disasters. This year, I witnessed […]

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Faxian and Us Faxian was one righteous dude. As a Buddhist monk in China during the fourth century, he was concerned that the monastic community did not have a complete set of Vinaya texts (the texts that explain the code of conduct for Buddhist monks). Determined to correct this situation, Faxian decided to travel to […]