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The Right Way to Seek Happiness

I came to wherever I am for the purpose of solving a problem. This might be same for all of you with many different colors, languages, status, and beliefs. Such a problem surely exists not only in human beings like me but also in all conscious, wishful, and desirous beings. To put it very simply this business of solving a problem is to increase the happiness by reducing the unhappiness I experience throughout a day, month, and year. If there is one entity about, which I can claim a true existence about it, it will be the wish that I have for the increment of happiness. Even sublime beings as Bodhisattvas do not want other beings suffer, which actually indicates they wish for the increment of happiness of all beings. So I truly believe such a wish is truly there both in my microcosm and macrocosm.

Unfortunately, in the process of seeking the happiness I wish for, I conversely experience so much unhappiness endlessly without control and will. Having been asking myself why such a strategy brings unwanted result, I came to find a great answer. It is my own ignorance and egocentrism that has always been torturing me – ruined all my plan and effort. I ignorantly viewed that all external objects are everlasting and very valuable; and possessing any of those object for myself I, the everlasting, would be happy. I also wanted all those objects only for myself, this is because I am the most important and precious person.  This is how I went wrong about my wishful life.

The great answer is not found just in myself randomly. I found it in the teachings of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. They say that everything is impermanent and nothing is everlasting. Things change from time to time and they do not carry an essence. Everything is dependent on each other. My well being is dependent on many others and theirs on me and others too. If I wish happiness for myself I should provide happiness for others first. The teaching says “all the happiness comes from desiring happiness for others, and all the suffering comes from desiring happiness for oneself.” I find this so true and strongly aspire myself to be able to change my strategy of seeking happiness along this line.  Seeking happiness business is actually very tricky and easily misleading. If we find ourselves going the wrong way while aiming to solve the seeking happiness problem accurately, we should ask Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for advice. They are always available for advice us if we come to RYI.

~ Champa Lhundrup

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