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Be healthy

It has been about eight years since I started studying at the RYI. If I were commencing my studies in Nepal now I believe this is a simple piece of advice I would benefit from listening: Be healthy. It is very important to keep ourselves healthy while studying the Dharma, in both body and mind. […]

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The Right Way to Seek Happiness

I came to wherever I am for the purpose of solving a problem. This might be same for all of you with many different colors, languages, status, and beliefs. Such a problem surely exists not only in human beings like me but also in all conscious, wishful, and desirous beings. To put it very simply […]

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Lucky to be a student of RYI

Kathmandu is the capital city and the largest city of Nepal with a population of 1.5 million. It is my first time here in Kathmandu, Nepal and what brought me here is my decision to study Buddhist philosophy. I feel very much blessed to be here and especially to be able to study in this […]

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Truckin’ The last 100 days in Boudha, as I approach the end of my first semester of study at Rangjung Yeshe and first time in Nepal, remind me of that line from the Grateful Dead song Truckin’:  Sometimes the lights all shinin’ on me, other times I can barely see. But lately it occurs to […]