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A Path Uncharted

As I come to the end of my studies, I find myself more and more worried regarding the direction my path in life shall take in the years to come. My circumstances don’t seem to reflect the circumstances of those around me much, so in many ways I’m forced to play it by ear. “What shall I do?” “How shall I do it?” “Does a viable career path really exist in my future?” “How shall I be able to lay the bricks down upon the path I wish to walk?” A siege of questions such as these have taken it upon themselves to be my tormentors, and without a valid response to offer them, I find myself taking solace in the faith that allowed me to make it this far to begin with.

For when I set out upon this strangest of journeys four years back, I knew even less about how I was going to end up at my destination. Yet I believed so strongly, so strongly that I would still make it nonetheless. It seems that back then the heavens were delighted in my resolve and sought to dance to the tune of my desires. Perhaps I shall once again be so lucky as to sway the hearts of those forces that help mold the course of my fate. Perhaps I may once again witness the unexpected fruits of past actions ripening so beautifully, so graciously, so generously…

But should they choose to ripen in less favourable ways, no matter, so be it, for even withering corpses can nourish a beautiful field of roses. Those who aim towards the endless wealth of liberation should simply remain captivated by its promises, trudging ceaselessly to the end.

~Wesley Oisebe