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Studying in Rangjung Yeshe Institute is a special

It’s been few years studying in Rangjung Yeshe Institute as a B.A. Student. When I first joined the institute I did not have much knowledge about Buddhism even though I came from a family with Buddhist background. After joining RYI, for the first time in my life, I felt like I am studying something that might truly benefit me. I realized that here, I am not studying about external, material things but rather something deeper about our own being, the very nature of our own mind. And the reason I think it is beneficial is because studying Buddhism has helped me to deal with emotions which otherwise leads us to suffering. Nevertheless, I also feel very blessed joining RYI since I get an opportunity to study Buddhism more deeply through which my perception towards myself has become clearer and my faith towards triple gems become much stronger than before. Besides studying, I also love food at the RYI restaurant. The staffs at RYI restaurant serves delicious and variety of vegetarian food every week. They are skillful in making all different kinds of food both western and local. Compared to other restaurants around Boudha, the RYI restaurant is much better since the food they serve are healthier and cheaper than others. The restaurant is particularly set for students’ purpose since it is not just only a restaurant but also a study place for the student during free times and additionally, free WiFi is also provided for the students of the institute to make their study easier. For all these reasons I feel very lucky studying here and also for every staffs and students of RYI try their best to make RYI a better place to study for everyone.
~Tsering Dhondup