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Healthy Food for Studying Well

Eating healthy food is how we can maintain healthy body and mind. Healthy body and mind are what we need to study well. Studying well without consuming healthy food is unthinkable and implausible in our life.

Indeed, Rangjung Yeshe Institute not only has awesome intensive courses on Buddhist studies for international folks in a spiritual environment, but also has a small wonderful canteen. The canteen serves healthy food for you to be mentally and physically fit to study well at RYI.

There is no need to worry about food items, serving time, and price. The canteen serves vegetarian food with various items that are tasty and healthy. Everyday you have a chance to taste different items of food. Along with various tea and coffee items, the canteen mainly serves breakfast and lunch. Considering the importance of your time, the staff serves foods punctually and respectably. Unlike other places, there is no disappointment regarding food-serving time. When it is lunchtime, it is not you that is waiting for lunch; rather, it is your food that is freshly waiting for you.

Likewise, there is no need to be disappointed regarding prices, either. The prices are considerably reasonable. Moreover, the canteen has special discount for local students.

Another important factor is this: the wonderful service of vegetarian foods at RYI’s canteen will definitely help you to switch your meat-based diet into vegetable-based food. For the most time, I eat my meals at RYI’s canteen, as foods served there are tasty, healthy and prepared fast.

Due to the constant generous help and dedication of sponsors, RYI has been successfully serving people like you to study well with healthy food. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your generosity with a prayer for the prosperity and good health of all sponsors and well-wishers.

~ Karma Namgyal from Nepal

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