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Sutta Gurumantra

( Self translation from a talk I heard in waking life)

The little boy asked, “Bhagwan, you have initiated us into sanyas but you haven’t given us any mantra. Traditional practitioners come and ask us, “what is your gurumantra?! ” Bhagwan, Why haven’t you given us a gurumantra?

Then Bhagwan said, “Now, little boy, you have to be free of mantras, just as you have to be free of the mind. If there remains no mind then where would you hold your mantra? And you if you could hold your mantra then you also need to keep your mind alive. Sure indeed, I haven’t given you any mantra. Because I don’t want, that your mind survives. I am here to snatch away all your mantras. Already you have too many mantras. Infact, you have a whole compilation of mantras. And that is the whole of your past. Much you have known and much you have gathered knowledge. Someone is Hindu, someone is Muslim, someone is Issaih, someone is Jaina. Someone’s mantra is in quran, someone’s mantra is in Ved. Someone believes this, someone believes that. My only effort is that you get rid of all of your beliefs.

You remain neither as a Hindu, nor a Christian, nor a Muslim. You are attached neither to Ved nor Koran. Your hands become completely empty. Only in these empty hands the ultimate showers. Only in an empty chitta dawns the ultimate. The doors open. You are a temple. Become totally empty and the Lord rushes to you. Give it space. Make the space. Now your house is too stuffed. You have stuffed all kinds of things and you keep on stuffing more. Even if the ultimate dawns it just hovers around as there is no space in you to accommodate it. Even if the rays comes shining down, where is the space inside you? You are filled. Being filled is your only suffering. Become empty. This is your mahamantra, this is your gurumantra. This is why I haven’t given you any mantra, because I don’t want to fill you up more.

Mind is what you need to get free from. But if you are too much in love with the word mantra and being without a mantra makes you uneasy, then just say this, that this is the mantra that you are being given, “the sutta of being free from the mind; the sutta of being (just) the witness.”

Does anything come out of repeating? That you keep on mumbling Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, and something happens? So many are there to repeat. So many has repeated. They are repeating for ages and it has brought about absolutely nothing. From where you repeat? The act of repeating occurs through the mechanism (yantra) of the mind only. Either if you repeat quickly or if you repeat slowly the mind causes to repeat. In every repetition mind is present. I am saying, just be a witness. All these procedures of the mind, all these ripples of the mind—you just become a witness. Just keep on watching. Among all that you see, don’t choose anything. Somebody is humming a filmy song and you say that he is adhammic !! Somebody is singing a bhajan and you say he is dhammic !!! You must understand they are both in mind; hence they are both adhammic. Being in mind is being in adhamma (devoid of religion). 

Then, just contemplate the third option, that even if the mind is humming filmy song or reciting the buddhacharita you are just a witness. You hear, you see, but you don’t get adjoined with the mind. Your distance, your disconnectedness remains. Whatever is happening is enough. No mantra is needed. Get awakened in this—just be a witness of all. “

~Sagnik from India

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