Food Momo Nepal

The Best Food in Nepal

Nepal is nice in many ways but there is one way in which it is more wonderful and nice than many other places in the world and that is when it comes to the momos. All momos are nice, but one kind is superior to pretty much all food in all of Nepal, the buff […]

Food RYI Restaurant vegetarian

Healthy Food for Studying Well

Eating healthy food is how we can maintain healthy body and mind. Healthy body and mind are what we need to study well. Studying well without consuming healthy food is unthinkable and implausible in our life. Indeed, Rangjung Yeshe Institute not only has awesome intensive courses on Buddhist studies for international folks in a spiritual […]

Emptiness Food Losar

Tibetan ‘Losar’

Yummy, ‘Khabsey’ – the Famous Tibetan Losar Food! Let me give you an idea of what it means to celebrate Tibetan New Year – ‘Losar’. First of all if you live with a Tibetan family you should know that the first day of the Losar celebrations, you are not allowed to go outside to meet […]