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A script not to remember

First Shot: 15degrees Celsius : Nothing to make a biography out ofOnly this, 11.30 and no more roti and alu. Siddhiyeko cha!! Next Shot:rolling eyes : where am i? why am I here? Who sent me here?what did I do to be here? Why are these people want to sit together? and learn about “unseen” facts?whats […]

Bhagwan Mantra Mind

Sutta Gurumantra

( Self translation from a talk I heard in waking life) The little boy asked, “Bhagwan, you have initiated us into sanyas but you haven’t given us any mantra. Traditional practitioners come and ask us, “what is your gurumantra?! ” Bhagwan, Why haven’t you given us a gurumantra?Then Bhagwan said, “Now, little boy, you have to be […]