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A script not to remember

First Shot:
15degrees Celsius : Nothing to make a biography out of
Only this,
 11.30 and no more roti and alu. Siddhiyeko cha!!

Next Shot:
rolling eyes : where am i? why am I here? Who sent me here?
what did I do to be here? Why are these people
want to sit together? and learn about “unseen” facts?
whats in the facts?
well that’s a fact that you cant go digging with facts
and show up in china.
if you do show up there, remember Nepal has no facts.
here we act it out, rather show it out!
talking about acting, its lunch time.

Next shot:
virtue : the light keeps shining.
move toward the light
don’t fight with darkness
theres only you fighting
darkness aint darkness
its just an absence
like knowledge.
only light
(whisper) Loves!
rest is devoid of that.
neti neti
(aba vakvak lagiyo)

Next shot:
mind : hey you old man 
don’t confuse people with your bangotingo-ness
sit down and listen to the young
you are past
disgusted in present..
Miracle of Now
is the timeless
in time.
whats your rush? To where?
no one can lead you
sit down
and hear me, escaping
vigilantly from your translations,
I hear you snoring
meanwhile, your eastern traditions
makes the hoax more
suitable for your needs.

Next shot:
skin: Three cats piled up
but they move
unlike my library.
Okay they are really moving now,
and peeing on my blanket,
same spot
over and over.

Next shot:
heart : cooking is the art of sustaining
home delivery is
the art of socializing.
Growing vegetables
is the art of paying your bills.

last/antim Shot:
face : morning 9:00 am
roti cha?
hajur .. cha, kati vata?

a big smile

(David Grisman Quintet playing their hit track “pneumonia” in the background as their luggage along with visas couldn’t  be found)

Sagnik Dutta Roy from India