Chokling Rinpoche Phakchok Rinpoche Releasing Life Shedra

Releasing Life

Dear Friends, The practice of releasing life is said to dispel obstacles that shorten our life, purify negative karma accumulated by taking life, as well as lengthening our life so that we have more time to accomplish the Dharma. During one of Phakchok Rinpoche’s teachings to students of the Rangjung Yeshe Shedra, Rinpoche encouraged everyone […]

Buddha-nature Khenpo Pure Perception Uttaratantra

Buddha-Nature and Pure Perception

Many of us these days study the Uttaratantra with Khenpo Urgyen Tenpel. As everyone probably knows, this text explains Buddha-nature. It seems very important to study this topic in order to understand what pure perception means – the concept crucial for the Vajrayana Buddhism. We often hear that Vajrayana view is seeing everyone and everything as […]

Compassion Namo Buddha


I have known the story of Namo Buddha (in Tibetan stag mo lus byin) since I was a child. When we had finished our nomadic livestock work at the end of the day, all of my family gathered in our tent around the mud-stove in the butter lamplight. While we ate our dinner sometimes our […]

Bachelor in Buddhist Studies Philosophy Student life Study

Realization Arise Interdependently

Last Fall in September 2011, I joined Rangjung Yeshe Institute for BA degree. In Spring, I went up to Pullahari Rigpe Dorje Institute to continue my third year. So, I could not study at RYI last Spring from January to March 2012. But this year from June to August 2012, I attended the summer course […]