Buddha-nature guest Lecture Lama Shenpen Hookham Public lecture Shentong view

The Guest Lecture

Rangjung Yeshe Institute is a great place as well as rich in providing various means and methods for learning Buddhism. It conducts programs such as Chod practice, meditation practice, holds seminars and conduct teachings and empowerment from Rinpoches. Among all the programs, this semester the guest lecture classes were really wonderful and encouraging.  All the […]

Buddha-nature Khenpo Pure Perception Uttaratantra

Buddha-Nature and Pure Perception

Many of us these days study the Uttaratantra with Khenpo Urgyen Tenpel. As everyone probably knows, this text explains Buddha-nature. It seems very important to study this topic in order to understand what pure perception means – the concept crucial for the Vajrayana Buddhism. We often hear that Vajrayana view is seeing everyone and everything as […]