Boudha stupa instilling kindness located at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling studying at RYI

A Joy of Learning

The Joy of Learning My journey to RYI has been an unexpected one! My decision to transition from practicing music therapy to studying full-time within a time span of mere months has been a process both challenging and motivating. My engagement in this course has introduced me to Buddhist philosophical texts, history and language studies […]

Philosophy studying at RYI what am I?

Basking Under the Dharma Sun

Basking Under the Dharma Sun “Buddhist Studies? Wow, so interesting. Where?” starts the familiar drill.“In Nepal,” I reply.“Oh!!…..where in Nepal?”“In Kathmandu.”“Oh okay….is it in the main city of Kathmandu itself?”“Yes, but not in the city center. It’s in a neighborhood called Boudha.”“Ahh..alright. What did you say it was called?”“Rangjung Yeshe Institute.” This is often followed by […]