Boudha stupa instilling kindness located at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling studying at RYI

A Joy of Learning

The Joy of Learning

My journey to RYI has been an unexpected one! My decision to transition from practicing music therapy to studying full-time within a time span of mere months has been a process both challenging and motivating. My engagement in this course has introduced me to Buddhist philosophical texts, history and language studies of Tibetan and Sanskrit. Not only that, I feel greatly blessed to have gotten the opportunity to receive various Dharma practices. This has been possible because RYI sits right amid the Seto Gompa Monastery (Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling), under the vigilant guidance of Venerable Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, whose residence is on the top floor of the same academic building. In addition, one can behold the majestic view of the Boudhanath stupa right from the academic building itself, what a blessing! Talking about the classrooms, there is a traditional style of seating arrangement, with cushions spread out on the floor; I must admit that sitting cross-legged with straightened-spine really tested my patience especially during my beginning semesters in traditional philosophy class. However, despite all the physical restlessness, and the occasional laughing-at-myself for trying too hard, this class has genuinely instilled an understanding of true kindness, compassion, patience and love in me. The teachings were profound yet practical. This has helped me understand that my therapy profession can also be a tool for altruistic benefit to others. Overall, the seminars, guest lectures and the student-staff circle at RYI is a pleasant space to be in. This place is filled with love and I only wish for it to grow further.


 ~ Shreeti from Nepal

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