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Method of Studies at RYI

Method of Studies at RYI

                Being a student in RYI, I gain various knowledge and learning experiences. RYI offers various courses, such as languages, Buddhist Studies, and textual Buddhist treatises, from both traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings and modern academic perspective. The combination of two perspectives enables me to acquire both academic knowledge and practical experiences.
                  By studying Nepali and Colloquial Tibetan in RYI, I gain both grammatical and experiential knowledge. Master class taught by the professors contains grammar, structure, syntax, and so forth. While doing language partners, I can experience Nepali and Tibetan cultures through the medium of local Nepali and native Tibetan speakers. Also, doing Sanskrit and Classical Tibetan here, I not only understand various Buddhist sentences, phrases, and words, but also try to apply these Buddhist terms in my life.

                Furthermore, doing textual Buddhist studies with Lopon/Khenpo, enriches my dharmic knowledge and increase my wisdom from hearing. Not only in the class, by attending fall seminar, I can reflect more practical dharma and integrate all of my studies to transform my life. Also, Buddhist Studies courses, such as history and methodology, which are taught by modern scholar, improve my academic reading and writing, and provide me necessary tools for doing research in Buddhist Studies. Thus, RYI aids me to fulfill my wish of being a scholar-practitioner.

               Indeed, RYI offers traditional and modern method of studying Buddhism in order to be a balanced scholar-practitioner. Studying in a traditional Tibetan Buddhist monastery also benefits me to observe Tibetan Buddhist tradition nearly, while studying the languages and texts. Thus, RYI provides not only method of studies, but also learning environment to be a scholar-practitioner.

~ Dedy from Indonesia