Namo Buddha Sanskrit Summer Program

Learning More Than Just Sanskrit

My classmates and teachers during the summer

I had the wish to learn Sanskrit since quite a long time. With the help of a generous sponsor and much needed motivation, I was finally able to join Beginning Sanskrit Course during Summer 2016 at RYI.

Fortunately, on the first day of orientation, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche-la invited all the students for a talk and lunch. He gave us motivational speech regarding how fortunate we all are to get this chance to learn Dharma by one way or the other.

I had been learning Tibetan language too. So, at the end of the talk, I gathered the courage to go forth to him and ask for blessings in Tibetan language to complete the course. He was amazed to see me do so and gave me his blessings. I left with the smile on my face and with confidence that I will be able to do the course no matter what obstacles may occur.

Prayer flags at Namo Buddha

So, the classes began. I and my classmates were doing fine. I was happy with how the classes were going on until that one day when suddenly I had to stop going to class at all. With just two weeks remaining for the finals, I was in the verge of dropping the course.

Then, I realized how much I was affected by the pride. Having missed many classes and assignments, I was afraid of how the grades were going to degrade and affect my academic career. I was being so selfish and stubborn that I decided to drop the course. However, on the night before the finals, I had this insight. I remembered the moment I took blessings from Rinpoche –la, the sense of confidence I had, the generous donor  who paid for the whole course, regular messages of my teacher showing concern about my health and boosting my confidence that I can do it, amazing friends who passed my messages to the teachers, the dedication I showed during those six weeks, aspirations I made on the trip to Namobuddha, my family who were there in every instance and pushed me forward so that I would not give up after having come so far and so on. I decided then and there that I will give the finals on the finals itself regardless of how my performance will be.

The next day – on finals, I showed up at the exam hall in not so good condition. But what matters is that the Sanskrit teachers were there to tell me that I can do well and my friends were so welcoming. Hence, I finished my finals. After few weeks, I also received good grades.

Therefore, during this summer, I learnt Sanskrit. Along with that, I learnt how fortunate I am to have this support from every direction and every individual involved for me to go through any obstacle. I learnt to overcome my pride to some degree. I learnt that I must have accumulated some merit in past. At that very period, I am thankful to the previous Buddhas and Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche-la for their aspirations. I am grateful at that very period of time, everything fell into places and everything went all right.

Beautiful view of Seto Gompa where RYI is located

In my mind, I shall always keep the words that Rinpoche-la often bestows –

“If it is possible for us to be able to study Dharma, it is solely because of all the previous Buddha’s aspirations and our accumulations since the past lives.”

~ Laxmi from Nepal

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