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RYI 2020

What is RYI? Rangjung Yeshe Institute right? This cool place you can study Tibetan and learn all about Buddhism. The best thing is that now we can study online from anywhere in the world! Right? Nope, unfortunately not. So what is RYI? I am sure every person has a different idea of it, but to sum it up from my own perspective: RYI […]

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Pandemic Patrol

One of the most interesting elements of studying at RYI is how adaptable this place is as a university. Over the past three years of studying here I’ve witnessed the school continue to grow as a university, offering more services and classes to students, and adapt to different challenges and disasters. This year, I witnessed […]

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My MA Study at RYI

My MA Study at RYI I first heard about Rangjung Yeshe Institute from my supervisor Prof. Georgios T. Halkias when I was studying in the Master of Buddhist Studies program at the University of Hong Kong. In March 2017, I was very fortunate to have the precious opportunity to go to Kathmandu to attend the […]

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All the Joy… Studying at RYI

All the Joy… Studying at RYI “All the joy the world contains has come through wishing happiness for others. All the misery the world contains has come through wanting pleasure for oneself.”[1] This is not the typical topic of discussion in any other institution in any part of the world. But it lies at the […]