Dr. John Dunne Dr. Karin Meyers Graduate MA students MA Thesis

Another MA graduate, Congratulations, Zim!

John Pickens who we all know as ‘Zim’, successfully defended on Friday his Master of Arts thesis. Zim’s dissertation title is:  I Remember Seeing Blue: Reflexive Awareness and Memory in Dignāga Pramāṇasamuccaya. Zim’s dissertation supervisor was Karin Meyers (PhD, University of Chicago), and the external examiner was John Dunne (PhD, Harvard University).Zim joined RYI in 2009. […]

Dr. Dr. John Dunne Mindfulness Philosophy Study

John Dunne’s class on the Facets of Mindfulness and Croissants

I never understood the value of learning valid cognition until taking John Dunne’s class on the Facets of Mindfulness this fall.  By observing the process through which our mind makes coherent the vast array of sensory information it receives, the negative emotions which form based upon our feelings about these sensory experiences lose their foothold.  By […]

Dr. Douglas Duckworth Dr. John Dunne MA students MA Thesis

Another MA Graduate!

Congratulations to Morten Ostensen for passing his MA thesis defense on December 11! The title of his thesis is:  “In the Presence of the Dharmakaya: Dzogchen Practice According to Khangsar Tenpe Wangchug’s Notes on Dza Paltrul’s Extraordinary Teaching of the Wise and Glorious King (mkhas pa shri rgyal po’i khyad chos)”.  The thesis supervisor was Dr. […]