Graduate MA Thesis

Congratulations Gwen!

Congratulations to Gwenaelle Witt-Doerring, who successfully defended her MA Thesis! “Slob dpon bson nam rste mo and his saintly death: Illuminating the 2nd Founding Father’s Position within the Sakya Tradtion.” The thesis supervisor was Dr. Karin L. Meyers and the External Reader was Khenpo Ngawang Jorden, Ph.D.Director of IBA in Kathmandu. Gwen started her Buddhist Studies career in her home […]

Graduate MA students Thesis defense

Congratulations to Gerd Klintschar – MA graduate!

Congratulations to Gerd Klintschar, who successfully defended his MA Thesis in May and now also had his final version of the thesis approved! The dissertation is entitled,’The Arhat Peak and its Position on the Tibetan Madhyamaka Plateau On the Question of Realization of Śrāvakas and Pratyekabuddhas in Tibetan Buddhism.’ The thesis supervisor was Dr. Philippe Turenne […]

Dr. Karin Meyers Graduate MA Thesis Naropa University Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Mathes Thesis defense Tsadra Foundation

Congratulations, Anders Bjonbäck!

We are delighted to share the news that Anders successfully defended his thesis and has now graduated from the Master of Arts program in Buddhist Studies. The dissertation is entitled,  ‘The Soteriological Epistemology of The Seventh Karmapa.’   His thesis supervisor was Dr. Karin Meyers and the external reader was Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Mathes from […]

Dr. John Dunne Dr. Karin Meyers Graduate MA students MA Thesis

Another MA graduate, Congratulations, Zim!

John Pickens who we all know as ‘Zim’, successfully defended on Friday his Master of Arts thesis. Zim’s dissertation title is:  I Remember Seeing Blue: Reflexive Awareness and Memory in Dignāga Pramāṇasamuccaya. Zim’s dissertation supervisor was Karin Meyers (PhD, University of Chicago), and the external examiner was John Dunne (PhD, Harvard University).Zim joined RYI in 2009. […]

Dr. Abraham Zablocki Dr. Karin Meyers Graduate MA students MA Thesis

Celebrating our first MA graduate this year – Sophie Pickens

Congratulations Sophie!Today Sophie Pickens successfully defended her Master of Arts thesis at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute. Her thesis is titled:  Divine Blue Water: The Contamination Purifying Smoke Offering by the Great Master Padmasambhava.   Sophie’s dissertation supervisor was Dr. Karin Meyers (PhD, University of Chicago), and the external examiner was Dr. Abraham Zablocki (PhD, Cornell University). Sophie […]

Bodhicaryāvatāra Graduate MA students MA Thesis

Well done Leo!

Congratulations to Leonard Brouwer, who successfully defended his Master of Arts Thesis on Friday, July 22. Leo’s Dissertation Titel is: ‘The Bodhicaryāvatāra-ṬippaṇīA Study and Edition of a Commentary on the Bodhicaryāvatāra’. The Dissertation Supervisor was Dr. David V. Fiordalis and the external Examiner was Dr. Harunaga Isaacson from University of Hamburg, Germany.  What are your […]