cherish each moments street dogs in Boudha

Familiar Friends, Familiar Places: Lessons From the Dogs of Boudha

Familiar Friends, Familiar Places:  Lessons From the Dogs of Boudha   When I first came to Boudhanath after several months living abroad in other parts of Asia, one of the first things I noticed aside from the spectacular beauty of the stupa and the sweet gentle nature of the local people, was the large presence of […]

empowerment Rangjung Yeshe Institute studying in Western academic environment

Studying In a Western Academy

Studying In a Western Academy                  I did my schooling in Kathmandu. After finishing my grade 10, I joined a diploma course in Civil Engineering which is actually a technical course. It was for three years. One can actually go and get a real job after passing the course. But thinking that I want to […]