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The Beginning of the Spring Semester

Now we are at the beginning of the “spring semester” in RYI (Rangjung Yeshe Institute), however in this time is very, very cold in Nepal!!!

Everyone are using all the warm clothes that is possible to protect from the freeze weather, thus we have a huge variety of colorful and creative styles around. Even the nuns and monks display their warm neckerchief and gloves as well different kinds of very warm bonnet, as me they do not have natural protection from the chilliness…

That way, despite of the cold weather everyone is very happy and with warm heart!!!

All the students, teachers, staff and nuns and monks are very glad and rejoicing to see each other after a short vacation of one month.
When we meet each other the curiosity to know what we did during the free time is the first subject of our talking.

Some students went home, what means for some to travel for their countries – what mean all the continents, as our Shedra – university, is an international Shedra. As it was Christmas and western New Year time, for many families this represents the time that the families must stay together, that way many students had a good time with their families. Others students went to India, Thailand, and others neighboring countries, some for to tourism propose and others for pilgrimage, as example of many of them that went to Bodhgaya to receive Dalai Lama’s teachings and empowerments.

Others students went to some cities as Pokhara and Amaratika. Others spent their vacation staying in retreat, in places as Asura Cave, Namo Buddha, Nagi Gompa, and so on. However, many students preferred just to stay in Kathmandu and to rest and a bit, enjoy together their friends, eating the tasty local food, drinking a lot of ginger, lemon, honey tea, or drinking the famous chang, the Tibetan beer.

So, at the Shedra there are many interesting news to know about, as new students, new teacher, and, obviously, new subject to be studied. It is a very exuberant time!!!

~ Jigme Choedzin – from Brazil

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