Bhailo Dashain Deusi re festivals Holi ping Shivaratri Tihar


From water fights on Holi to door to door music performances on Tihar, one thing that Nepal does not suffer a shortage of is festivals. The rich culture of the diverse ethnic groups can be observed during these festivals, during which all kinds of activities are engaged in. This semester I was lucky enough to […]


An environment filled with spiritual beauties

A good environment plays a crucial role in life. As a dharma practitioner and a dharma student, an environment that is full of spiritual beauty is extraordinarily helpful and indispensable. For me RYI is the place, which is full of spiritual beauty. Every morning when I step in and face towards the shrine door I […]

Colloquial Tibetan Tibet Tibetan culture

Bod la ‘gro

This summer I went to a place called with many names. Some call it Tibet, some China. But this leaves us geographically uncertain, and with political allegiances. Some refer to it broadly as the Tibetan cultural zone or as historical Tibet. But this precision makes for quite a mouthful.Whatever you care to call it, this summer I […]

Dharma Drubchen Vajrayana


Nepal is truly a Shambala for me. In Nepal, you see dharma, you feel dharma, and you hear dharma all the time. Every day you are inspired to practice dharma by being around so many physical representations of the enlightened body, speech, and mind of the Buddha.  One of my favorite experiences here has been […]

Guru Yoga Ladang

As a Dream — Studying at RYI

When I consider my past and consider that I am now a third-year student at RYI, it seems like a dream. After finishing high school, I left my family in Macau and came to reside in my Master’s Ladang in Kathmandu. In the Ladang, you enter a system that is totally different from other monastic […]