An environment filled with spiritual beauties

A good environment plays a crucial role in life. As a dharma practitioner and a dharma student, an environment that is full of spiritual beauty is extraordinarily helpful and indispensable. For me RYI is the place, which is full of spiritual beauty.

Every morning when I step in and face towards the shrine door I naturally become so calm and peaceful. Spiritual intentions naturally begin to arise, begin to pervade in my mind and begin to overcome my negative thoughts. I become full of spiritual thoughts. Whenever it is time for me to exit spiritual thought like doing dedication prayer naturally arises in my mind and makes my mind so blissful. Just by entering in and exiting makes a big difference: it helps to twist my untamed mind that roams in the realm of non-dharmic deeds, and helps to direct my distracted mind towards the sublime dharma.

Spiritual sounds of wonderful chanting, debating, teachings, and many more can be heard always. These all make my mind so joyful. They grasp my attention, and urge my distracted mind towards the sublime dharma. These are really meaningful priceless conditions.

It is also filled with beautiful opportunities: opportunity to receive empowerment, opportunity to meet with highly practiced and learned Rinpoches, Khenpos and Lopons to receive their precious instructions and guidance for my practices and studies, opportunity to take part in ritualistic activities for accumulating merit and for pacifying my sins, and special opportunity to meet with highly qualified university professors and receive their valuable lectures, and many more.

What a beautiful environment. I have never been to an environment like RYI.

~ Karma from Nepal

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