Emptiness Food Losar

Tibetan ‘Losar’

Yummy, ‘Khabsey’ – the Famous Tibetan Losar Food! Let me give you an idea of what it means to celebrate Tibetan New Year – ‘Losar’. First of all if you live with a Tibetan family you should know that the first day of the Losar celebrations, you are not allowed to go outside to meet […]

Boudhanath Lopon Studentlife

Fresh Wind of Motivation

With the recently ended fall semester in the back and the new semester in front, I feel a fresh wind of motivation blowing through my entire body and mind. It seems that this opportunity of study, leads me and my fellow students along a journey of unpredictable and spontaneously unfolding landscapes. Outwardly, in my meetings […]


Steps for making Water Bowl Offering

During the eleventh century, the great Indian master Atisha introduced the water bowl offering to Tibet. Thereafter this tradition spread widely in the Buddhist families.   The most important thing while offering anything is the motivation of the doer. Your motivation shouldn’t be selfish. Instead you should do it joyfully regarding all beings. A person should […]