Boudhanath Studentlife Study

Back Again

            “Wooow! Here I am back again! And I will go for the second year!”                       This is what I thought last week when I found myself lying once again on my back-breaking Nepali mattress inside my tiny student’s apartment that I had swapped for my fancy German  two-and-a-half-room-apartment one year before. At that […]

Alexander Yiannopoulos Boston College MA Thesis Middle Way

Congratulations, Alexander Yiannopoulos!

Congratulations  to Alexander Yiannopoulos, who successfully defended his MA Thesis! “LUMINOSITYReflexive Awareness in Ratnākaraśānti’s Pith Instructions for the Ornament of the Middle Way“. The thesis supervisor was Dr. Karin L. Meyers and the External Reader was Dr. John Makransky from Boston College, USA.  Alexander came to study at Centre for Buddhist Studies in 2005 as […]

Lopon Study Translator Training Program

Our Monastic Teachers

Looking back at my almost five years at the Shedra, my overall impression is that it has been quite enjoyable: there is a warm atmosphere, deep emergence in Tibetan culture and language, interesting people from all over the world and so forth. This time I want to write about our Tibetan monastic teachers, simply referred […]