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Is Death a gift?

Pemba Prayag Sherpa Pemba Prayag Sherpa In one point of our life, we all will face death as death is inevitable. I’m sure we were all annoyed, disappointed and worried when someone explained us about death for the first time in our childhood. I always wondered why there is such phenomena called death! My earlier […]

Compassion earthquake Impermanence

Integrating the earthquake experience

Picture shows me camping at RYI yard during earthquake It’s now over six weeks that the massive earthquake hit Nepal. The changes that began through it are still in the works and their ends are not to be seen, yet. Houses, monasteries, temples…in fact the main class rooms and offices of RYI needed to move […]

Continuity Impermanence Rebirth Tenga Rinpoche

Impermanence and continuity

During summer of 2011 when Tenga Rinpoche concluded his summer course in Allmuthen/ Belgium, he gave a final speech which might be summarized in the following way:“Don’t you sometimes wonder? You have been born in all these different parts of the world, most of you within Non-Buddhist surroundings. But for some reason, you all became interested in […]

Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche Impermanence

The Passing Away of Holy Beings

Having realized thatness, the nature of the dharmadhatu, just as it is, those of understanding are released from birth,sickness, aging, and death.Though free from the destitution of birth and so on, they demonstrate these,since by their insight they have given rise to compassion for beings.                        […]