grateful gratitude

It is like a dream

It is like a dream. I am sitting in my kitchen at home in front of my computer waiting for my first class to start. I can´t believe it. How can I be so lucky that I am able to study Tibetan with highly qualified teachers, together with inspiring people from all around the world, from my own kitchen?

I have dreamt of being able to learn Tibetan thoroughly since I was very young. I even used to dream about that I could speak fluently, when I in reality only could say a couple of words. I can still clearly remember when a friend gave me a book with the Tibetan alphabet together with some tape-recordings of the pronunciation. It was 1989 and there were no on-line resources whatsoever. And I still remember how difficult it was to study by oneself, without a teacher, classmates, homework and so on. And I don´t remember how many times I gave up.

But now I am here, and I am so ready. Enjoying every single minute, it is like nectar is being poured right through the computer. And I am so grateful to everybody who made this possible.

I feel a soft touch underneath the kitchen-table. Its Zoey my seven year old dog. She looks at me wondering when it is time for our walk in the forest nearby and I give her a quick pat on the head before I return to the computer screen, listening to the recorded teachings from todays class.

I am living my dream right now and from the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone who made it possible!

Johanna Joergensen (TTP student)

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