Pictures From Kathmandu

Hi everyone,  
In this blog, I have compiled pictures from different places in Kathmandu. To all my friends from RYI who must be missing Kathmandu, I hope these pictures gives you a sense of solace at this difficult time of pandemic and online learning.  

Most of these pictures are from my instagram which I took over the years.  

For the series of Boudha Stupa before and after the 2015 earthquake, I requested my friends to send in pictures. I hope you will enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed going to these places, taking them and compiling it for the blog. 

May 2013 – Boudha Stupa before the devastating earthquake of 2015 

Boudha Stupa under complete renovation 

28 January 2021 – Taking break from Kora 

7th June 2020- The Self-Arisen Stupa, Swoyambu 

11 February 2017 

14th April 2014 – Tamang Mela in Swoyambu on a full moon day 

30th October 2020 – Amitabha Buddha statue, one of the five Buddha statues surrounding Swoyambhu Stupa.  

15th June 2013 – Basantapur Durbar Square before earthquake  

3rd August 2015 – Basantapur Durbar Square after the earthquake 

Devotees offering prayers to the Bhairab statue located inside Basantapur Durbar Square on a rainy July evening, 2019 

9th February 2017 – These cluster of houses in Kirtipur reminds me of Rio de Jenerio  

25 November 2020 – Pashupatinath temple on a sunset evening 

8 July 2012 – Patan Durbar Square  

26 February 2021 – Patan Durbar Square 

29 November 2018 – Morgan Freeman at RYI library getting ready to interview Chokyi Nima Rinpoche for his series The Story of God  

With Best Wishes,  
Tenzin Tamang  

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