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Muara Jambi – The Sources of Atisha’s Lojong

Muara Jambi – The Sources of Atisha’s Lojong   

                I was born in Jambi, a town in Central Sumatra. Half hour from Jambi, there is the Muara Jambi Temple Compounds. Most people have heard of the Buddhist temple complexes in Indonesia, such as Borobudur, are located on the island of Java. Apparently, a lot of people do not know that in Sumatera island, precisely in Jambi, there is one of the largest Buddhist temple complexes in South East Asia – Muara Jambi Compounds. Compared to Borobudur, the Muara Jambi temple complex is much smaller and more dispersed. This makes it a bit challenging for visitors to see everything.

                The Muara Jambi Compound was believed by some archeologists to be a center of Buddhist studies and practices in the past. Moreover, Atisha was also believed to receive the precious teaching of bodhicitta (enlightenment mind) here from his teacher Serlingpa Dharmakirti (or also known as Svarnadvipa Guru).[1]Due to the kindness of his teacher, Atisha could teach and spread the Lojong practice (mind training) in Tibet. Lojong is a method for refining our mental attitudes, which in turn will cause bodhicitta to arise.  

                Coincidentally, one of the lojong texts – Eight Verses of Training the Mind – was taught during Fall Seminar 2017 at RYI. Fortunately, I was able to receive this kind of teaching, which was transmitted in Muara Jambi by Dharmakirti to Atisha. Particularly, the seventh verse touched my heart most, “In brief, directly or indirectly, I will offer help and happiness to all my mothers, and secretly take upon myself all their hurt and suffering.” I believe that due to many good causes and conditions, I was born as a Buddhist in Jambi. And, I can receive not only lojong teachings, but also other profound instructions at RYI.  I sincerely wish that I could resemble Dharmakirti and Atisha in successfully subduing self-cherishing mind and benefitting other sentient beings. Thanks Rinpoche, teachers, and staffs at RYI, and all other sentient beings! Because of your kindness, I can study and practice dharma until now.    

~ Dedy from Indonesia