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Colloquial Tibetan is Fun

Colloquial Tibetan Is Fun

                  I have taken colloquial Tibetan I this semester, thinking that it would complement my learning of Tibetan Buddhism. However, learning colloquial Tibetan in RYI proves to be just more than that, its great fun. To be honest, I had missed a lot of classes this semester, nevertheless the time when I was in the class were all about learning with fun.

                 The classes are managed in such a way that one does not get monotonous by the similar way of teaching. For that, RYI divides the course into three different ways; the master class, language partner class and the boost class. The master class involves the learning of the grammar, language partner class is about interaction with another Tibetan partner and boost class is revisiting what you have learned. All these classes are conducted in a different setting, for example the Language partner class is conducted in the RYI restaurant, boost class in another room and so on. If I have to choose one from among the three then the boost class will be the winner, particularly because this class tests you in way that is fun and exciting. Different games that have been introduced in this class create familiarity with the spellings. Likewise, this class also involves making sentences from a given word, reinforcing your grammatical structure. Hence, one gets familiar with language more easily.

                Learning colloquial Tibetan, being a Nepali, may have one problem. There are some letters that are similar to Nepali but are pronounced differently. One can get confused especially, in the beginning. But no worries, since RYI’s teacher are excellent in helping one to get over it.
~ Dhirendra from Nepal